Business has changed. Now more than ever, small businesses require innovative technology for that competitive edge.

Today's telephony is more feature rich and affordable than ever. Features can be grouped to better serve the needs of specific industry niches, which is great news for the little guy. It means entrepreneurs and small businesses now have access to specific tools that will have a direct impact in the way they operate their business.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to stand out from their competitors, the latest in hosted telephony technology can help win more business. Advanced and innovative features can turn your phone system into a powerful communications tool providing a polished image that helps build creditability and adds a layer of flexibility that can keep you and your staff connected with customers when needed.

Telecentrex Communications offers an innovative suite of cloud-based telecommunications services to help your small business build credibility by appearing larger and more established, save time by communicating more efficiently, save money by reducing costly fraudulent activity and increase revenues through automated lead generation.

Services include virtual toll free numbers and local phone numbers, text/sms message marketing, telephone verification as well as voip consultanting servces for small business.

To view the full suite of services available, click here. - Telephone Verification
Root out "bad apple" customers automatically using verification by phone or SMS/text to authenticate a user's identity. Helps reduce fraud and costly chargebacks.